About Zest Travel

First and foremost, we provide you with exceptional service and unique knowledge of the destination...

We offer you a personalized itinerary by creating a tailor-made holiday according to your values and wishes.

We strive to bring tourism more respectful to people, local economies and cultures. And that's exactly what is a promise: to dedicate every action to improving the way you travel, for you and for the world.

Among our Services...

 Eno-Gastromic Experiences

For the love of good food and passion for fine wines, journey through Italy exploring the great food and wine traditions. Pasta, pizza, cheese and wine are just some of the food and beverage products linked to Italian gastronomic traditions. Delicious combinations handed down through the centuries transmit the values and essence of cuisine in all our destinations.
Each one has its own specialties and offers food and wine tours or experiences to discover the varied and always tasty local cuisine.

Art and Culture

Destination you choose... culture you discover!
Art, culture and ancient and points of interest rich in history and tradition...galleries, monuments that contain centuries of life and secrets...waiting only for you to be discovered! 
In Italy, as in other destinations, your eyes will be adorned, leaving you with a precious and unforgettable memory!
Guided tours in a search between ancient and modern, between past and future... within your reach!
Mosaics, paintings, porcelain, modern art, antiques and the stories and legends behind these beautiful places of interest.


Sport & Adventure Experiences

There are bike routes suitable for all types of bike enthusiasts. Sports-people that are looking for adventure can enjoy cycling routes to immerse themselves in the artistic, cultural, and forever-changing panorama.
But not only...why not an adrenaline-pumping motorcycle ride? The air-breeze that just passes through the helmet, the speed, the panoramas while traveling in the saddle.... Itineraries designed for sport lovers and two-wheeled vehicles! Work out, exercise, and achieve mental and physical well-being, the choice is very wide. Bring a little adrenaline to your adventures, and take advantage of your free time to discover new passions.

Sailing Experiences

Are you looking for a holiday that is all about freedom?
Whether it’s a day trip, a mini cruise, or a full-scale sailing holiday makes little difference: you will discover the most beautiful seas, sleep at anchor, and watch the sunset over the seas of our destinations such Sardinia and islands, Eolian Islands or the Tremiti for Italy, but also lakes and rivers trip of the other destinations with the exciting landscape surrounding them.
We can organize sailing tours for any target and needs!
Boat trips at sea, sporting activities related to navigation... all the maritime world and beyond to choose from!

Time to Relax

Wonderful Spa and Hotel with all comfort...
Take some time for yourself and enjoy your wellness holiday with total dedication to relaxation and well-being. Looking for a way to relax and regenerate yourself during your travel? Consider spending some time visiting spas, thermal waters, and places dedicated to wellness. Massages, yoga classes, baths in natural thermal water, and many other relaxation-themed activities, enrich the wellness packages offered in selected luxury hotels intended for meditation and the rediscovery of one's mental and physical well-being.

Summer Holidays

Enjoy and holiday in blue sea - white sandy beaches!
All our seaside destinations offer not only a beautiful and blue sea, but are also characterized by vast unspoiled nature, small towns with picturesque streets, caves and breathtaking views. Not to mention the excellent food to frame a beach holiday that will change your way of “just going to the beach”…
We take care of every aspect of your beach holiday: maritime stays in different types of accommodation designed for your needs and all services that can make you summer holidays a great memory!

Winter Holidays

Experience the magic and cozy glow of a winter getaway...with snowflakes dancing around, thrilling winter activities, or simply getting lost in a good book by a crackling fireplace in a charming chalet or a fancy hotel. Let yourself feel inspired by taking in the traditional scents and flavors of the Christmas season, but not only…whether you opt for snow-capped mountains or the charm of the cities all dressed up for the season, winter holidays will keep you tantalized. Plan your snow week, spending time snowboarding or skiing in the Alps or in other wonderful mountain locations. Winter destinations are incomparable: we can organize it for you!


Dive into nature's wonderland, with breathtaking landscapes, untamed panoramas, and unique settings waiting to be uncovered. Italy and other destinations are bursting with natural treasures. Alongside their rich cultural legacies, these places are home to stunning nature reserves. Picture-perfect sights, dreamy panoramas, and ideal spots for vacations, hiking trails, and outdoor escapades. Embark on a thrilling journey and jet off to these captivating destinations!

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